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Neville "Ethiopian" Duncan

While his smash hit album "Trodding" is climbing the charts the resurrection of the Ethiopians is now complete, with the rise of lead vocalist Neville Duncan as the last member of the original Ethiopians. Currently going by the name "The Ethiopians Now", this fabulous group is about to launch "The Ethiopians Now & Forever European Tour 2015".

Neville Duncan worked with Burning Spear for a several years and eventually went solo releasing his first album "FREEDOM" in 1994, and two other classic reggae albums: "TRODDING" and "ENERGY" with musicians from the Ethiopians and Burning Spear. Currently Neville Duncan is the last living original member of the Ethiopians, he has revived the legacy of the Ethiopians group and is continuing to perform great music in the tradition of the classic reggae musicians of the golden age of reggae under the name "The Ethiopians Now".

Also appearing at the tour of The Ethiopians Now will be Earl Zero (for Info click here), who 2014 has been inducted in the Reggae Legends "Hall of Fame" and the in Trinidad born Reggae artist Ricardo Mills aka Jah Defender. Many regard his music as positive, conscious, and uplifting. His soothing voice and comforting lyrics have made him a well-liked and admired artist on the rise.

The conscious element of Rastafari through Reggae music attracted Ricardo to this genre. Music is an avenue to teach ‘truths and rights’, heritage, and culture, all of which is skillfully delivered through Jah Defender. His lyrical vibration encompasses depth and soul to remind the people of their treasured tradition. Embracing the teachings of Rastafari has allowed him to stay humble and trod with faith and courage, becoming the voice of many.

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